Why Greeniosk?

Greeniosks are revolutionizing the Marijuana Banking and compliance industry. Here are a few of the features, benefits, and reasons why you need to have Greeniosks installed at your dispensary:


  • Greeniosks Takes Cash Out of the Equation! – Greeniosks remove the handling of cash by employees thereby removing fraud, theft, and accountability issues with cash.
  • Cash is Safe with the Greeniosk! – Cash remains in a safely locked kiosk and can only be removed by authorized personnel or secure money transport companies.
  • Secure and Encrypted Bar Code Vouchers – Greeniosk prints and encrypts a bar code voucher that is redeemed at the dispensary counter to purchase the product.
  • Detailed and Complete Transaction Records – Greeniosk provides a detailed and complete transaction record of every transaction from “Payment-to-Sale” and “Seed-to-Sale”. It keeps an audit trail for the payment but also for the management of the inventory.
  • Complete and Verifiable Records for Banking Compliance – The Greeniosk System will allow the marijuana business to create complete and verifiable records and documentation needed for banking compliance. The system produces an auditable “Certificate of Payment” for cash/check payments used for tracking payments to all suppliers and producers from dispensaries.
  • Accepts all Cash Denominations and Credit Cards – Each transaction is processed through a secure safe type kiosk that will accept all types of denominations of currency.
  • Greeniosk Provides Unique Security – Greeniosks provide a digital image file of each bill inserted into the machine which matches the currency transaction to the client’s drivers license and marijuana card.
  • The Highest and Most Secure Level of Compliance – The Greeniosk system software can be viewable and trackable in real time through “State” accessed website. The system tracks the end-users amounts of purchase to not exceed state limits of more than 8 ounces and will Red-Flag the state’s audit system for leakage.
  • The First “Seeds to Bank” Solution! – Greeniosk takes seeds-to-sale to the next compliance and audit level: Seeds-to-Bank!

See if you qualify to have a Greeniosk at your dispensary. Contact us today!